Easter inspiration

I love crafts and DIYs, those of you who know me, or have read this blog for a long time, knows this very well. My brother have teased me about my obsession with pens, papers, note books and…omg…my cases for different things since we were kids. And still do.

But it’s not just the pens and cases, I love to paint a cabinet, draw something (bujo!!) or make easter DIY-crafts with Elliot. I’m glad to se that he seems to have picked up on this, he loves to draw and do different types of DIY’s. As long as he can use the glue 🙂 He is just 4yo so that might not always be a good idea 🙂

Last year we did these easter ornaments from white clay that was left to dry for a few days. So much fun and quite pretty if I might say so. I have to figure out something for us to do this year, any tips?

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