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Hello and welcome

Hi ya’ll! First of all, if this is your first time here you have probably found your way here from my Instagram account @bujo_by_sarah and I want to say a warm welcome to you!

A little presentation might be the best way to kick off this new english blogging adventure. Here we go,

I’m Sarah and I live in Kalmar, Sweden with my husband our two kids Elliot and Juliette. I’m currently on parental leave, Juliette is just about 7 mo. But I also work as a CEO of Cardly, an app that let’s you use your own photos and send them as postcards to your loved ones. (only within Sweden yet, I’m sorry)

In October last year I started my Bullet Journal account on instagram, an account that grew fast and last week I asked my followers if they would like to read my blogg. 88% said yes and since most of my followers are from North America and Western Europe…well here we are, in English for the first time.

In this blog you can expect images from our home, interior, family life, business life and just…life! <3

That’s a very, very short presentation of me, ask me anything in the comment field if there is anything else you want to know.

Anyway, about last week, I was on a high! I got to work with a dear friend of mine, with my company, uninterupted by the kids since my mom was here to look after them. I acctually felt like the real me again. I know, I know, ofc I’m the real me when I’m at home with Juliette and Elliot as well.


I’m a person that need that other part as well. I need to be creative, to use that part of brain for a while. I need to think as an adult, focus on business. Be Sarah, not mom-Sarah. Some days I hear the word ”mom” so many times I think I might implode.
So a day off from the mom-part, or at least a couple of hours, was a bliss. I really needed it and I will live on this high for a few days now.

What we did? We took campaign photos for Cardly to be used in social media ads. So much fun!

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