Sugar detox and a weekend away

As the headline says I’m thinking about giving myself a sugar detox. Because why not? I’m a strong believer that sugar is not just bad for us but really, really bad. Like dangerous bad. So why I keep eating it is acctually a mystery and I realize that I’m a sugar junkie… I don’t want to be so I need to change this somehow. A sugar detox seems like the right way to start.

Anyone else on a sugar detox right now?

Today we leave for the island and for those of you that are new in here ”the island” in this case is the Swedish island of Öland where my family has a summerhouse. I absolutely love that place. Me and the kids will leave this morning and Alex (hubby) will join us tonight when he get’s off work. I have been looking forward to this so, so much. Just hope I don’t forget anything, traveling with kids is NOT traveling light let me tell ya’!

Anyway, I might be a little absent this weekend but I will be back on Monday I promise. Time for a little review of this English tryout next week, exciting!

Photo: Sarah Berg, our baby boy on his favourite beach <3

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