Träning & Hälsa

Run run run

It’s been a good six months now since my last c-section and that means…drum roll…that I can go running again.(Nope no April fool) Slowly and carefully of course but I can start again and that at the same time that spring enters. Couldn’t be better!

This time I don’t have any ambitions as far as goals to reach. I don’t need to hit 10k, I don’t care if my split time is slow. I just want to run. I will be happy if I can make 5k twice a week. If I just make the time to get out of the house. That would be great. Everything else is a bonus.

How about you, are there any other runners in here?

Old image of me from one of my first runs after Elliot was born, beyond the red face and the sweat, can you se the happiness?

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